The Family Budget

Where is your money going? Do you need a Family Budget?

Maybe you want to

Travel on a Family Vacation,

or spoil yourselves with renovating your Master Bedroom. But...

In most families there is a 'Spender' and a 'Saver', but don't ask which one I am. Whether you are one or the other, you both need a budget to work things out in peace!

Are you struggling to trust your spouse with money? Is your spouse a compulsive spender? Does your spouse never spend money on anything? Do you think you will never have fun because your spouse is always worrying about the cost and your debts?

Have you thought, or dreamed of MORE INCOME from working at home and being your own boss?

Could your Family Budget use a boost of cash from home?

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I am learning how Compound Interest affects my budgeting.

and Here is Debt Consolidation Advice.

Keep scrolling down to get your Budget Started and let the numbers do the fighting and worrying....I mean talking!

Have the money to take the family vacation! Start your
money solution with what you are paying every month for your home. Rates change, so talk to someone at your bank.

(Remember to show your kids the value of money! Teach your teen how to manage money and you will glad you did.)

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Where to Start on your Family Budget;

Where do you start?

If you have already argued, did the 'silent treatment' and 'taught them a lesson', you have done all the things that Bob and I have done in our marriage.

- Here is the solution -

Write down every penny you both spend. I mean EVERY penny!

That one cup of coffee, in the morning on the way to work, at $1.50 a day (big deal, right?) turns into $547.50 a year!

The best way to write everything down is daily and month-by-month. Don't try to wait until the weekend to remember every dollar you spent.

It will take time to analyze and see where your money is going. You will be surprised and excited as you both understand all the hidden ways your money is being used. This is not the time to say, "I told you so."

Your budget will take shape. Here is our Family Budget Worksheet sample. You can make your own. You can even buy one at the local stationary store.

Family Budget Worksheet

Family Budget Worksheet

As I said, this will take at least a few months to get an accurate picture of your finances. Because if you only record one month, it might have been the month with six birthdays.

To get into the habit of remembering what you spent that day, and recording it, will take some time.

(Click the Family Budget Worksheet to get more information and tips!)

How to fill in your Family budget Worksheet

On the example budget worksheet;

Along the top: you write down groups of spending.

For example; 'Groceries'

Then next column is for 'Coffees'

The next column is 'Bills', etc.

As you spend something new, add a new column.

Don't give up. Try to go easy on yourself, and your spouse, as you make this a habit. It is worth it to be debt free and having fun!

It is amazing to add up the months and really see where the money is going.

Once you have done this worksheet for a few months, your budget will already be taking shape.

What do you do to get money in the bank, NOW?? Besides working three jobs, and only eating one meal a day? Go to the Best Family Advice for Earning Money With Your Family Budget.

The next step will be learning new spending habits, to live within your means. (Which, is to save money first, then buy what you want. Rather than, buy first and try to pay it off later.)

Contact us now with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

Marriage and Money can live in harmony. You and your family are worth it.

Read the information on the difference between spending your family dollar on an 'Expense' vs spending money on an 'Investment' at

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