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Here is a Simple Family Budget Worksheet. Get saving money so that you can start having Family Fun! Travel, Invest and Enjoy life without worrying about your money.

Know where your Family Dollar is going

Once you identify, from your Family Budget Worksheet, where all the money is going, you can easily start saving money. If you don't spend the money in the first place, your dollars stay in your bank, growing interest and increasing for future fun!

It is amazing how all the $30.00 and $40.00 dollar costs add up. Even the nightly movie rentals, and daily coffees add up!

  • A tip, that worked for us, is...If I didn't want to write down what I had spent, I shouldn't have spent it in the first place.
  • Another good tip is to write down your goals before you start your worksheet, or at least before the first month of recording is done. Talk about where you want to be financially in one year, five years and for retirement.

    It doesn't have to be pages and pages of goals, just one word sentences. If you want to retire a millionaire...write it down! Who is it going to hurt to dream and look forward to the future. The most successful people write down their goals.

  • The Family Budget Worksheet

    Family Budget Worksheet

  • Across the top, write in all the 'Groups' of purchases. Such as groceries, monthly bills and yes, even the daily coffees.
  • Down the side will be the days of the month.
  • This will take some time to become a habit. Put the budget sheet somewhere easily seen when you come in the door. We put ours on our calendar.

    Encourage each other, gently. I am the 'saver' in our house, so I try not to 'nag' Bob about his spending and recording of purchases on the worksheet. I let the numbers do the talking. I have also been wrong a couple of times, about where our money is being spent. It was much easier to see the numbers, than to argue about it.

    We often think it is huge purchases that are hurting your family budget. But, you will see the amount, month after month, of little hidden hits you take, that are chipping at your savings and fun.

    There are tons of suggestions for spending and saving, but you first have to see where your money is being spent.

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