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Super Simple Family Advice

Bob and I have asked, and asked, and asked lots of parents of older teens and young adults; "What were some of the things they did to raise great kids". While we are raising our three very different kids, we want all the parenting advice we can get!
Here are tips we heard over and over from parents who have raised great teenagers and young adults.

1. Family Advice For Time or Rather Timing;

When your kids have school, a party, an activity, even an assembly at school, drop them off Early, and pick them up Early.
Not too early mind you. Maybe five or ten minutes only. But never, never be late.

Sounds a bit simple and basic? What's the point and reasoning behind this?

Kids for the most part want to feel included. When they first arrive somewhere they will bond with the first kids they see. If your child is late, he/she is often too late to be included.

The kids who are consistently early will get tired of waiting for their best friend to show up, and will start bonding with whoever is there. Which is why you may not want to have your kids anywhere too early. You don't want them becoming friends with the "wrong" crowd. You want them to be included in healthy friendships and fun.

You also need to be a bit early for activities because your child/teen will be looking for you. You might think your teenager acts too cool for you, but if this was the day that the "Mean Girls" decided to leave them out, they will need to see your face, wink and smile.

Now the second part is too be early to pick your young person up. Don't assume it's okay to be a bit late so they can "just wait a few minutes", or "they will just be playing when I get there".

They need to know that you have not forgotten them. They may have got hurt mentally, physically, or emotionally. You need to be there for them. If they are being bullied, you really need to have their back.

This happens to kids at all ages. Successful parents are there for their kids. This is great Family Advice for you.

Is this the only family advice you will ever need? Of course not, but every little bit helps. Don't give up, you are a great parent just for searching for family advice!

2. Family Advice For

Your Quality of Life vs Your Standard of Living;

Hmmm,....Quality of Life vs Standard of Living? How is this family advice?

What we hear from parents is that a High Standard of Living does not mean a High Quality of Life.

Just because you have lots, including the latest big house, newest cars and boats, etc, does not mean you have love, joy and happiness.

We often see parents think that because they are having a second or third child, that they now need a bigger house. "Little Sally will need her own room".

But at what cost is that room coming at? More time at work, away from home and little Sally? That doesn't seem worth it. More arguing as a couple over money and mortgages? Not worth it. Many of our parents shared rooms with siblings and were closer because of it.

Our girls share a room. We have to tell them to "get to sleep," because they will want to talk for hours! The love and relationship they are building together as sisters is priceless. They wouldn't have that if we had bought a bigger house and separated them. I think our son wishes he had someone to share a room with,...although he loves his sleep and wouldn't want to stay up all night talking!

Now, I am not saying that your seventeen year old son should share a room with his five year old sister, or something like that. But don't put yourself in a financial state that burdens your family budget, and then miss out on closer family ties.

It's not just the money either. What about the bigger car/van/SUV? They just equal more payments. Hey, go for it if you can really afford it. Or maybe just take a great vacation with your kids every year instead. See our advice for Your Family Budget.

What about the bigger yard for the kids? It could just equal more mowing and maintaining than spending time playing with your kids.

So, in a nutshell, always weigh whether "bigger" is really "better". Your quality of life is more important than your standard of living. And that is good family advice.

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