Family Advice For Golf

Is the cost of golfing with your kids worth it? Get your family advice for golf with these 9 tips. Are you just starting out? For the best golf club deals we've ever seen go to right now. These guys are unbelievable!

The sport of golf is not the cheapest family activity to get involved in with your kids. So is it in your family budget?

Why is golfing apart of our Best Family Advice?

Here's Our Family Advice For Golf

9 Hot Golf Tips

Here are 9 Hot Tips For Golfing with your Family.

1. Regardless of age, everyone can golf. Just rent your clubs until your kids have stopped growing. By then they, and you, will know what feels comfortable in their grip and for their swing.

2. You don't have to be in top physical shape to get out and play. When you are golfing it means a perfect walking pace and occasional swing of the golf clubs. It's wonderful for all shapes and sizes of bodies in your family activities. You can even rent a cart if you need to!

3. You get to spend lots of time together. Golfing is not over in a half-an-hour. If you take your teenager out, you get to spend the morning, afternoon or evening together! Wonderful family fun time. Which is our best family advice. And you will wear out your youngster by the end of the round.

4. Take enough cash for an ice tea after. Then you can beat the heat and spend even more time together talking about each hole! And then go play all 18 holes if you want!

5. Golf is a sport they can play their whole lives. It's a good investment now, for future family fitness.

6. You can play golf alone, just get out and beat your own personal best score. You can get paired with someone, and meet someone with the same interests. You can play golf with a group too. Not to mention the fun golf tournaments! These have fun rules and always include great prizes.

7. Playing golf with your kids means you get to separate your kids from each other! They are getting fresh air and exercise with each other, without being shoulder to shoulder. Not arguing here...usually. ha, ha.

8. Many golf courses provide free golf lessons for youths. It is their way of ensure future adult memberships with skilled players. And the kids have tons of fun learning together!

9. #9. is a great tip sent from you, our readers. (Awesome parents who love their families as much as I love mine.) Keep the great advice coming!

"I was just looking at golf on your site and thought you might want to add this piece of advice."

"When your kids are just starting out, and can't hit very far, save some stress when you are golfing with them by playing a game of best ball. Everyone still gets to hit but you pick up the short balls and everyone hits from the longest ball. It makes the game go faster and takes a lot of the pressure off of new players.
This worked great for us."

So even if we are into fall, get out and get golfing. Most small towns I know have a golf course, and larger urban centers provide great facilities indoors too.

Family Advice For Golf

Golfing as a family or as a date, is an investment, not an expense. The family fun time that you spend is worth it! You don't need to buy everything right away, but you might not want to constantly be spending money on rentals. If you've ever wondered why those name brand golf clubs cost so much we recommend you visit right now. They tell it straight and provide great products and information. It is good family advice for golf.

Invest the time with your kids, teens and spouse. It is money well spent. Check out our family advice for your family budget information on; Expenses vs Investments. It's great family advice!

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