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Eczema Advice. We found our cure for eczema when our baby son suffered.

His worst areas for outbreaks, were where anything rubbed. Which meant everything! From the strap on his sandals, to the creases in his chubby baby legs. He would have red, sore and raw skin.

We could not bath him with any type of bubble bath or soaps. He would literally have a line where the water came up to his tummy. Everything below the line was red and sore.

His clothes had to be loose. He could not wear jeans.

Our Eczema Advice...

Evening Primrose Oil!

I used to pierce the capsule into my son's milk in the morning. In about a week his skin cleared up.

He caught me once, putting the oil in his milk. He asked if it was a GLOWING vitamin? “Would it give him special power muscles?” (little boys and their muscles!) I said... “YES!”, and he popped it straight into his mouth! He took it for about a year or so and hasn't needed it since.

We think this skin problem runs in my husbands family. But I wish every family could know about our success with Evening Primrose Oil. People, especially little ones, shouldn't have to suffer if there is a cure!

Such Simple Family Advice, for our Skin Health.

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And don't forget to contact us when you've tried the primrose oil! I love this website making it possible to share all that we know for families!

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