Family Advice For eBay Express

Here is family advice for eBay Express to start buying amazing things for your kids and spouse. We love it because we live in a smaller town and don't have access to great deals on toys, electronics, and accessories for ourselves and our kids. Plus you can make some extra cash with your own eBay sales.

See What My Boys Have Done With Their eBay Toys...

It has been great to get Rare Toys as incentives for our kids piano playing. There is no better advice than this for motivating your kids for anything that doesn't come naturally for them. Including a positive attitude! Check out our best family advice for How eBay Makes Piano Practices Fun!

Most of us have thought of buying or selling something online. Have you heard of people doing it, but not sure where to start for yourself? Get family advice for eBay and start buying stuff for your kids and spouse safely.

Our first concerns when we thought of online auctions;

Is it safe to deal with eBay?

Is my computer going to get a virus or be taken over by hackers?

Are my financial records at risk?

What is PayPal?

How am I protected with "bad" sellers, selling junk?

What if I don't get paid?

Here are our Hot Tips and Family Advice for eBay:

First, get comfortable with eBay just by surfing it. Type in regular things you might buy at the store, or Outrageous things you wouldn't think people would be selling.

Go ahead. It is safe. eBay has been online for years. Today, you can online bank and pay bills, so I am sure as sure that eBay is safe to deal with too.

They are very good too about teaching you what is safe and not safe online. They give warnings of what emails are real or fake. Talk about great family advice for eBay.

But you are online already so you must have some trust in the World Wide Web. And you must have some sort of firewall against hackers and virus'. If you don't already, I suggest the minimum online security, with or without eBay surfing.

Someone told me once to relax about identity fraud online because anyone could steal the mail right out of my mailbox at home or I could give away personal information over the phone. So use common sense and be safe online too.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is just one way money is exchanged for online auctions. They are very popular because they protect the Buyer, and Seller. They are used in many transactions on the World Wide Web, not just eBay.

If you don't receive the item you won on auction, PayPal won't pay your money out. Your money is safe.
If you don't receive payment for your item, PayPal will let you know immediately so that you don't ship your item away, never to be seen again. You're still safe.

Hey,...This doesn't look like the eBay item I thought I was buying?

How does eBay protect me from getting burned, and keep junk sellers away?

Simple. The Rating System. You will see when you are looking at an item from a Seller that they have a little number with their name. Some are very high, in the thousands, some are not. This number indicates the Sellers transactions.

Everyone starts off with a zero, but that doesn't mean you can't trust them. Just make sure you protect your transaction with PayPal or some other source you trust.

Now, click the persons rating number and see how trust worthy they are even if they have hundreds of transactions, because their feedback is posted for the whole world to see. Nobody wants negative feedback, so most are honest about their items, and payment integrity. Which is good advice for eBay.

Now go have some fun. And remember to use a fun name!!! Bob and I love to read the hilarious and creative names used by buyers and sellers, not to mention their photos and descriptions. Some of you who have seen this movie will appreciate this photo we came across when looking for toys for Bobby.

ebay toys

Hilarious isn't it!? Find out for yourself how much fun buying and selling at eBay can be.

eBay Express For Cash?

Get selling! Most people have at least $1000.00 worth of stuff laying around in corners, basements, attics and garages. Unbelievable, but true. Go make some money online, instead of setting up a garage sale in the hot summer.

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Get Buying! Motivate those kids! Surprise your spouse with something unexpected. Use this family advice for eBay and have fun bidding!

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