Dog Advice For Your Best Family Pet

Dog Advice

Now that your cute cuddly puppy is growing up you might be needing a little dog advice.

This page covers Introducing your Dog and Cat, and Dog PlayTime.

You're at the right place for your Best Family Pet!

Dogs and Cats

Our first bit of family pet advice is for introducing your dog and cat. Believe it or not cats and dogs can and do live together in lots of families. On our friend's farm, the dog and cat play together everyday!

Introducing them should be done slowly and carefully for a peaceful future.

The easiest way to introduce cats and dogs is as babies. If they are just puppies and kittens, there is usually very little conflict. The kitten will teach the puppy a quick lesson if he tries to mouth her too hard.

Our Top Advice is too make sure each animal has their own 'Safe Spot.' Generally, your cat should be given higher vertical space, such as the top of a book shelf and your dog should have a Dog Kennel.

When you leave the house for work or play, separate the animals in different rooms, for the first few days. Accidents can happen.

At home, you can use a scent trick to help each animal get used to the others smell. Using towels to rub each of them down with and then leaving the scented towel in each others space. This way each will get used to the others scent with out having the other around.

Given time, you will soon find them playing and even sleeping together!

Dog Advice For Play Time - Top 3 Tips

Dog Frisbee

1. Play LOTS with your dog. It will burn off lots of possibly destructive and bored energy leaving you with a happier family pet. It will also keep you and them in great shape for a healthier family future.

2. Play fetch! Using a Dog Frisbee, Ball or Kong. Whether it's down the hallway, or out in a field fetch is a super fun way to play with your pooch.

Just make sure Tug-of-War is avoided when getting the toy back. Tug-of-War is a fighting lesson as far as your dog is concerned. They are in control and usually win, especially with kids.

Make sure your dog drops the ball on your command. You may have to use a treat at first to signal the toy must be dropped, before you will play fetch again. Simply say, "Drop it." Then continue having fun!

Chasing a dog to get the toy also teaches the dog that they are leader, so this should be avoided. Read More About
Dog Dominance and Training Tips.

3. Our third favorite Play Time Dog Advice is 'Find the treat', or 'Hide and Seek'.

This is super fun for all ages! The basic idea is while Fido sits and waits you go to another room and hide a treat. Make it an easy hiding place at first. Once the treat is hidden, release him with a command of "Find the Treat!". He may need encouragement the first few times, but not for long!

Hide and Seek is similar, only a person gets to hide, and the command is, "Find 'So-and-so.'" The person hiding should be holding the treat and may need to give the dog some encouragement or hints as to where they are hiding. This is such a super fun game for the whole family.

Have fun with all our Best Family Advice!

Photos by Simon Davison and justinbaeber.

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