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Wondering about Dog Kennels? Here's great advice!

dog kennel

(Here is Paige, with Cotton, typically loafing in her kennel.)

Dogs are den animals. Which means they are very comfortable in any den-like house. Our dogs will often lay under the coffee table even.

A Dog Kennel is a very useful tool for you and your dog.

Although a new puppy may whine and cry, pulling at your heart strings, this is not a cry because of cruel and unusual punishment.

It is a cry for; "I am bored!"..."I want to be the boss, so come and get me when I say so!"

Like a child, their bedroom begins as sheer torture to them; a useful tool for sleeping, calming down, playing and relaxing in, for you. But by the time kids become teens, their bedroom has almost become off limits and a sanctuary.

Same deal goes for dogs.

5 Uses For The Dog Kennel:

Okay,... so dogs are den animals. Why does that mean you need a dog kennel? Here is our Best Family Advice for your Best Family Dog.

1. Potty Training: Puppies, and adult dogs, do not like to sleep and eat where they soil. If they are kept in the kennel for sleeping and eating, they will train themselves to hold their bladders until you let them out.

I am not even a big fan of newspapers all over the kitchen.

Our routine for puppies has always been:

-Wake up...go straight out the door to pee.
-Eat...go straight out the door to pee.
-Have family fun with the kids...go straight out the door to pee.
-Before bedtime...go straight out the door to pee...You get the point.

This has always worked for us. I can't remember accidents in the house because the dogs always knew to go to the door for potty breaks.

*A good point to ponder, is to buy your puppy in the spring. It is harder to train a puppy in the freezing cold winter.

2. When Certain Friends Come Over: Some friends, regardless of age, are intimidated by dogs. We have seen friends who are afraid of our cute and fluffy little Bichon, so the size of the dog is irrelevant. When you have a kennel, that your dog is comfortable in, you can shut the door, so your guests can relax.

3. When Certain Friends Come Over: No, I am not repeating myself...I am referring to those kids that can't seem to help themselves to 'playing with your dog', or rather more accurately annoying your dog. They need to be taught respect for animals, but that is at their parents discretion. In the mean time, give your family dog shelter from those little hands that love to pull hair and tease your dog.

4. Going On Trips: Whether you are bringing your dog with you, or your best family dog is being babysat, a dog kennel is the ideal home for keeping things clean and controlled. When we visit someone's home, we can relax as guests and our hosts can relax, because we know our dog is safe and sound in their den. Not 'marking territory' or chewing something off-limits.

5. Teething: Whether your puppy is growing into a big lap dog, like our Cotton, or will end up less than ten pounds soaking wet, their teething can cause a lot of damage. I have heard of medium sized dogs chewing up an entire sofa. You want to love you new family member, so leave them in their kennel when you are not home, and it is teething season.

What size Dog Kennel should I get?

The size of kennel should allow the adult dog to stand up comfortably, without touching their heads at the top, and allow them to lay down, without being cramped. Although, Cotton will curl up in one corner anyways!

Ask your breeder, or research your breed to know how big they will get. If you are still not sure, since your puppy seems so small, err on the side of a bit bigger. You can always block off some of the kennel, making it smaller, until you puppy gets bigger.

Kennels are easy to resell, even if you get the wrong size.

Note that Dog Crates do not collapse. This makes them harder to transport. Metal dog kennels are so easy to fold down and set back up. Opt for the simple and convenient, since traveling should be as easy as possible.

Note also to exercise your dog, especially if they have been in their kennel for awhile. Go for a Family Fun Walk!

Where do I keep the Dog Kennel?

Where is the best spot in the house to keep the kennel?

Our kennels sit between the kitchen and the living room. Keeping your puppy/adult dog near the family action is a good idea. Dogs will learn that they can stay inside their room, not chewing anything, and still feel apart of the family.

(Here is a photo of our American Bulldog and Bichon Frise, in Mitch's Kennel, back when Cotton still fit inside it. The door is wide open, but both dogs are fine staying right where they are.)

American Bulldog Bichon in Dog Kennel

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