Dog Behavior Training Tips

baby american bulldog

"Dog Behavior Training Began the First Day We Brought Cotton Home."

Whether you are starting with a New Puppy, or with an Older Dog Adoption, know the Best Dog Behavior Training Tips.

A trained dog is a happy dog, because they get to be near you!


Let's get started on Dog Behavior Training.

The first thing to understand about a big dog or small dog, is that they are 'pack animals'. This means, that there is a 'Leader of the Pack'.

Most dogs do not care who the leader is, just that there is one. They feel safer and are calmer animals.

Now, some dogs are more dominant that others. Dominant breeds will check daily who the pack leader is. You need to reassure your dog that you are the Leader. Even your kids are above them in the pack order.


The leader of the pack Does Everything First,...Gets Everything First,...and Decides Everything!

So,...In Daily Dog Behavior Training;

- Everyone in the house (old or young) must go through all your doors first, including the car doors,

- At meal times you eat first, then your dog, AND they must sit before you will put the food on the floor,

- Routinely put your hand in the dogs bowl, while they are eating, to avoid food aggression later,

- The dog ONLY gets on the couch, if they sit and wait for you to invite them up,

- Highest places in the house (usually the beds) are off limits. The leader of the wolf pack always stands on the highest rock. It is the best lookout and it shows who is the boss. Your 'reassured' dog will be very content at the foot of your bed on a soft dog pillow, or in their dog kennel.

What If They Don't Listen During Dog Behavior Training?

Look away! Do NOT make eye contact, until they do what you've asked.

When you are dog behavior training, remember; The Pack Leader does not bother with those 'lower' than themselves. Those 'lower', wish to please the Pack Leader, and will obey to gain favor with you.


They are just checking if you are still the Leader and if not, they will take over.

Our Cotton is an American Bulldog. She is a very dominant breed. She needs to know that we are in control, otherwise she will step in to protect and control the pack.

Dogs are "Man's Best Friend", but they are still dogs. Our best advice, is to love them like a dog, by training them in a manner that they understand, so they can love you at their best!

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Dog Quote:

Remember; "Treat your dog like a human, and they will treat you like a dog!" (source unknown)

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