Dog Allergies

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"Our Cotton The First Time She Broke Out In Hives From Her Dog Allergies...poor girl!"

Dog Allergies

I never realized how common allergies in dogs were until our American Bulldog showed all the signs.

I began calling our Vet, and researching her condition immediately.

Both sources of information said, "Good luck trying to find the cause. Allergies in dogs are harder to pinpoint, than in humans because dogs cannot tell you what they have been into, and they cannot tell you when they are beginning to feel symptoms. You get to see them once the allergy is already full blown."

Plus, if you notice that they have one allergy, they probably have more.

How true with our Cotton.

In the summer, her hives break out when we take her fishing in tall grasses.

In the winter, she still suffers by scratching her ears and licking her paws, and scratching her face. She will even get licking her bottom. In the house, her allergies could be triggered by anything from food, to dust mites.

Help And Coping With Dog Allergies

For her skin hives, we take a wet towel with us fishing. After an hour or so, her skin begins to show bumps. We towel her off, to get the allergen off of her. Then she must go sit in the van, until we clean up, and go home.

'Benadryl' works too. We only gave it to her until we figured out the 'towel off' trick.

For the ear scratching, paw licking and mouth scratching we are vacuuming around her kennel constantly.

I initially put her on an elimination diet. She only got one carbohydrate and one protein. We chose salmon and potatoes. Her allergies subsided quickly, but not totally.

We knew we had to vary her diet, so we are now using EaglePak. It seems pretty good. Our local pet store owner swears by it for her dogs allergies.

We have also had to use steroids once (not recommended very often - talk to your Vet.)

And we use yeast infection creams for her ears, etc. Yeast builds up from the inflamed allergy response.

A dogs ears are like our throats and nose. They contain 'mast' cells that recognize allergens. They get irritated, just like our throats and nose do.

Good luck and please contact us if you hear of a solution for our baby!

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