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Let's start with the biggest Family Vacation Advice.

The Family Dollar.

Disney Advice - Travel Rates;

If money is no object, you can skip this bit of Disney Advice. But if you want to save a bit of cash for your family dollar...keep reading.

When you plan your vacation, any family vacation for that matter, it can really make a difference in your family budget if you plan what
Time of the year you go.

If you have a schedule that is flexible, meaning you can plan your vacation regardless of your work and when your kids are off school, the
Best time to travel to Disney is the 'Quiet Season'. These are the slowest times of the year for visitors, which means cheaper hotel rates, as well as shorter lines at your favorite rides and attractions.

There are a few quieter times in the year. We went two weeks after the Easter Holidays. It wasn't too hot and the line-ups for rides and attractions were just fine. Check with your travel agent or online for exact rates and dates, since they will change slightly over the year.

You may need to go during the traditional summer break. Just remember that the temperature and humidity are high and can lead to hot, uncomfortable visitors, waiting in very long lines for every attraction at every park.

Now, that being said, even if you have to go during the 'Peak Seasons', Disney still has tons of fun to offer. And to beat the heat, if you go during the hot Florida summer, freeze water bottles over night, and they will stay cold all day! Just use a backpack as some of your luggage, and you will easily be able to bring anything and have both arms and hands free! (Great Vacation Advice for anytime of the year!)

Family Love at Disney!!!

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Disney Advice - Thirst Quenching Savings;

Whether you go in the hot vacation time, or during cooler weather seasons, you will be walking...a lot.

We have already mentioned The cheapest thirst quencher...the frozen water bottles in a back pack. Oh, did I mention to wrap them in a towel to catch the condensation? And did I mention how good a cool damp towel feels on hot sweaty body parts? Hmmm,...good Disney Advice.

Not big on water? Love your pop?

They have Disney's Refillable Mug. It can save you lots on your family dollar!

Visit your nearest Disney food court or snack bar style restaurant and buy a refillable mug for each member of the family. (I've heard you should also find these in your room when you arrive...but FYI, just because it is in your room does not mean it free.)

We stayed off site, in a gorgeous condo! It had everything! Including a swimming pool in the back yard, to cool off our feet from the days of Disney Exploring! Our condo saved us cash too because we got to buy our own food for the week. And when you are feeding and lodging nine people; food and drink can add up!

Saving money for your family budget will relieve stress, and let you enjoy your Family Vacation even more. That is great family...I mean Disney Advice!

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