Here are our best cooking tips to help you have more fun and save time and money in the kitchen. Lets make life easier for more family fun.

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Cooking Tips and Advice:

*Add vinegar to water when boiling eggs. It makes the shells much easier to remove!

*Use cast-iron pans for food preparation. It's healthier to absorb iron in our diets, than aluminum!

Plus, the weight of these pans will make us stronger to give us beautiful lean arms!

*Only partially thaw meat, when you need to slice it for recipes. It will cut smoothly rather than sloppy and uneven.

*Use lids when boiling water or heating foods. It traps the heat for faster cooking. Using less energy, saves money.

*Invite your kids or grandchildren, to be in the kitchen with you. They will learn valuable skills, and you will build a stronger relationship for your future. What great memories to have.

Have fun and get cooking. Savor all the wonderful dishes out there with your kids. Or have a special date night with your spouse.

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