Cold sore Advice

Cold Sore Advice. We all know somebody who gets them, if not ourselves. Get effective and fast treatment. You don't need to suffer for long!

What Are Cold Sores?

They are an Opportunistic Virus. Also called Herpes Labialis and Fever Blisters.

Which means, if you give them the opportunity,... they will give you the virus.

We usually get them as children, but they can occur at any age.

How do we get them?

-Open cuts or trauma to our lips, can trigger them.

-Being rundown and tired, or illness also gives fever blisters the chance to show their not-so-nice selves.

-For women, it can be "that time of the month", and/or pregnancy that triggers one.

-Stress is another cause of herpes coming back.

Cold Sore Advice: 'Stages' of a Cold Sore

Like many virus', there is a beginning and an end to them. What do they start off as? Do they give you any warning that one is on the way? Yes.

The virus starts with 'the tingle'. This is the time for treatment of them, before the vesicles and crusting happens.

Once the cold sore is full blown, it is VERY contagious. Other people can get them, and they can spread to other areas of the body. It is good cold sore advice to not pick at a cold sore. Herpes can infect the eyes, nose, fingers (Herpetic Whitlow) or genitals.

Treatment and Remedy of Cold Sores:

Fletcher's Liquid SORE-Mouth Medicine. It's cheap, and it works Great every time! (I have tried expensive medications, but they only seem to work once!)

If you can't get to your bottle of Fletcher's, I suggest Carmex, lip balm.

It is the equivalent of Buckley's cough syrup; 'It tastes awful, but it works'. You can have it in a purse or pocket if you begin to feel "the tingle" in your lips.

I have also seen perfume dry one out, in the 'tingle' stage!

**Do Not scratch and pick while you are waiting for healing. It will only spread the virus, it will make it worse!**

Get some Sleep, you are probably a little stressed too! I always get one when I am rundown for one reason or another. Plus, as I said earlier, for women, 'that time of the month' can trigger it. (More PMS stress!)

Good luck with this cold sore advice. Here's to never having another one!

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