Choosing A Family Dog

American Bulldog

When choosing a family dog, what do you need to consider?

When we were choosing a family dog, we wanted one that would match our families lifestyle. A dog that would bring family fun to our home!

I wanted another Bichon Frise. It is the only breed I had growing up, and was our current dog. My husband wanted a big dog.

Oh, boy. Compromise time.

We started to make lists of our top criteria for the best dog breed for us.

My list had:

  • Best Kids Dog (We have three, plus their friends.)
  • Non-shedding, or low shedding
  • Considered to be an “apartment dog”, meaning it is not very active indoors.
  • A good family Watchdog, but not scary or too yappy.
  • My husband's list:

  • Any big dog, (a "man's" dog), especially if he was going to be walking the dog!
  • ________

    In our search, for a medium-large dog, we learned that when choosing a family dog, handsome or cute did NOT always mean The Best Kids Dog.

    For example, we loved the look of a Ridgeback. But, it is a 'Hound' dog and would likely prefer to sniff and search, than to play and cuddle our kids. For us, after a long day of work and kids activities, we want a dog to lay at our feet, content just to be near us. Soooo....

    Choosing A Family Dog Came Down To....

    The American Bulldog!

    What Are American Bulldogs Like?

    American Bulldog

    "Wow! Far cry from a cute and fluffy Bichon.

    In this image, She is wearing one of the girl's shirts; playing dress-up with them!"


    Check out a video clip of this hilarious canine.

    She can barely eat!

    Our 'Cotton' has surpassed our expectations. On the sites we checked, it said, "American Bulldogs love kids and need family to be truly happy". Very true.

    She is low shedding and she loves to be vacuumed with the hose attachment!

    Bob, my husband, loves to walk her. Cotton has breathed new life into my ol' Bichon, Mitch. Mitch is almost 14yrs old, and he has more energy now, than he has had in years!

    American Bulldogs are a 'Working Breed'. With Cotton, that means if there is no work to do, she is loafing near the kids or at our feet!

    "Our best family dog, to a 'Tee'."

    American Bulldog and Bichon Frise

    "Mitch, the Bichon Frise, and our baby Cotton (when she could still fit in Mitchel's kennel!)"

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