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What's your definition of the Best Family Pet?

american bulldog

("Our Best Family Dog, Cotton, kept these mittens on for an HOUR"!)

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best family dog

Pet Fish, Pet Birds, Pet Cats

Certainly the Family Dog is a very popular "Best Family Pet" for your home. (It is our favorite, but we will try to stay unbiased!) But, what pet is going to be FUN to spend time with, for your kids, and together as a family?

You Need To Find The Best Family Pet, For Your Home.

Animals are a great way for kids to learn how to love and care for a something besides themselves.

Our Family Pets Over The Years:

*Dogs: Cocker Spaniel, Bichon Frise, American Bulldog, Sheltie

*Cat: (Free Kitten), (it clawed my Mom's curtains and a dress...it was cute, but it didn't last long as our pet)

*Gerbils: Two

*Hamsters: Two

*Fish: Beautiful Fighting Fish, (the under-the-plant kind)

Boy, growing up, we had our share of house animals! I wish we could of had internet access to get all the products needed for our 'extra' family members. Now you can shop online for all your pet needs.

So Which Is the Best Family Pet For You?

Let's weigh the pros and cons for each of these.

american bulldog

Best Family Dog:


  • They love you, unconditionally,
  • You can teach your best family dog endless tricks for inside (rollover, shake-a-paw, etc.) and outside (Frisbee, fetch, etc.)
  • Tons of sizes, shapes, personalities, to choose from,
  • Protect your home as a watch dog, big dog or small (even a lap dog will bark and warn you of someone near your house)
  • The best family dog will get you, and your family out for exercise and family fun,
  • Can get hypoallergenic dogs, BUT, don't forget, that some pets can get allergies themselves!
  • See our Cotton, with HIVES and learn about her Dog Allergies!

    We hope you find everything you need for your family pet from reading all our information and clicking to the helpful links. Here are some helpful books to get you started on finding your best family pet.

    1. Kingdom Of Pets : SitStayFetch For Dogs.

    2. Kingdom Of Pets : Complete Cat Training.

    3. Bichon Frise Complete Dog Ebook And Audio Package.

    4. Betta Lover's Guide.

    5. Ferret Care Secrets Revealed.

    6. The Ultimate Chihuahua Care Handbook.

    7. Boxer Dog Tips And Secrets.

    8. Golden Retriever Care And Training.


  • You must be home very regularly for them; eating, going out for walks and to the bathroom,
  • Possible grooming, depending on the breed,
  • They need training and socialization
  • Want more details for choosing a dog for a pet?

    *Click to see who is

    Our Choice for the Best Kids Dog.

    best kids dog

    ("Definitely Our Best Family Pet.")

    *Or get Helpful Hints for Choosing Your Best Family Dog.

    *And then Find Dog Behavior Training Tips.

    * And Get Dog Advice For Play Time and Introducing Cats and Dogs.

    *See what makes American Bulldogs the Best Family Watchdog and Family Pet.

    Cute Cats as the Best Family Pet:

    black cat white cat


  • Very quiet, sometimes not seen at all!
  • Low maintenance grooming, and exercise,
  • Small,
  • Kill mice around house.
  • Cons;

  • Litter box cleaning and possible odour,
  • Possessive and can really miss you if you're gone for longer than they want you gone,
  • Many people are allergic to them,
  • They kill song birds and bring them as offerings to the house!

  • Great Gerbils and Hamsters:


  • Small,
  • Low maintenance grooming and exercise,
  • Cheap,
  • Cons;

  • Cage cleaning and possible oder,
  • Novelty can wear off since they don't learn tricks or want socialization,
  • Don't let them get loose in the house, since you may never find them, ...until there is a funny odour in the house.(yes...bad memories.)

  • Favorite Fish as Family Pets:


  • Low maintenance training, exercise, grooming,
  • Beautiful, endless selection for fresh and salt water.
  • Cons;

  • Cuddling is a problem,
  • Supplies can add up depending on size of tank, and number of fish,
  • Maintenance of tank,
  • Novelty wears off for kids, since they are too low maintenance.

  • Beautiful Birds As Family Pets:


  • Small to large selection,
  • Beautiful ones to choose from,
  • Intelligent species,
  • Low maintenance grooming, exercise,
  • Can live very long lives.
  • Cons;

  • Can be quite noisy,
  • Cleaning cage maintenance,
  • Can live very long lives, may need to pass them on in your Will!
  • *****

    Take care of your dog, cat, bird, fish or other small animal. Save at PetCareRx today.

    There are certainly more animals that people own as pets, such as potbellied pigs (as smart as the best family dog!), reptiles, horses, frogs, and turtles.

    Florida Gecko

    "A Gecko In Florida"


    Keep researching if you need to. There will be more links for your best family pet available, for information, so keep checking back.

    kids and horses

    "Some Pets Are Bigger Than Others!"

    NOTE: Any animal you get from a pet store may be from a “mill”, so try to get a history and guarantee for your animal.

    The pet store should also supply you with all the information you will need for that particular animal. Otherwise how are they properly caring for the creature/animal in the store?

    Good luck and have fun with your new best family pet!

    Photos by Toronja Azul, and Kiwi NZ

    best family dog

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