Choosing Your Best Family Dog

american bulldog puppy

Finding your Best Family Dog takes research. You know that, because you are already searching.

You understand this will be a long-term commitment. And you want to make sure you can spend years of Family Fun Time with your 'new family member.'

It took us a year of searching and compromising. We started by making lists of our top criteria for the best breed for us.

See who we picked!

How To Pick Your Best Family Dog;

Dog breeds vary widely. Narrow down your searching by writing down your families wants and needs for a pet. Compromise where you can. In our year of searching for the best family dog, we learned a lot. We love all dogs. But, at this time in our lives, many dog breeds didn't suit us.

**Rescue Sites are one of the best places to find information about dog breeds. They don't want them abandoned again, so they are very honest with the pros and cons of the breed you are considering.

Plus, check other popular sites for any breed. See if your criteria for your puppy is in the main description. With American Bulldogs, "Loves Children", was one of the first things written about them. (Not too mention that just their looks, makes them a great watch dog!)

* Make sure you will have the time to train which ever dog you choose.

From large to small breeds

Get Dog Training Tips. A trained dog, is a happy dog. You trust them, and they get to be with you!

Start here to find out everything you can on Dominance Training.

Kids should learn to train the dog too. They learn responsibility, compassion and get a best friend! You will have the Best Kids Dog, regardless of the breed!

Get dog supplies!

The number one supply for us is a Dog Kennel. Dogs are den animals. Give them a den to feel safe in.

We use our kennel for the months of puppy 'teething' so that the whole house isn't chewed up.

Kennels are great for dogs when friends, who are shy of dogs, come over.

And, when we travel to someone's house overnight, the kennel is perfect. Our dog is happy and our hosts feel comfortable having a new dog in their home. This is great family advice.

* The Humane Society and Dog Shelters are great places to find a dog. With an adult animal, you won't have to potty train them or deal with a teething puppy. Plus, you will already know it's personality.

Humane Societies and Shelters are great places to visit and try out the dog with your kids. You will be giving that dog another chance at a loving, safe home.

It is also a great way to build Family Values when you volunteer with your kids at a Dog Shelter.

* Learn about dog care for a pet, before you get your new family member. Little things like 'Doggie Dental Care' will be huge things later in their lives. Commit to taking care of the dogs health needs. We have before and after pictures of our dogs teeth cleaning, plus more tips and advice for Dog Care.

american bullddog

Good luck finding your Best Family Dog!

Watch for the scrapbook photos of adorable dogs, where YOU can submit your best family dog, or best kids dog, or any breed that you can't help but love!

The world will love to see them!

Submit your picture of your best family pet!

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