Why The Best Beef Is Grassfinished Beef!

Eating the Best Beef for Family Health.

Research is showing that many of our health problems are being caused by changes in our diet. One change has been an increase in eating "grain fed" beef.

It was found in the late forties that animals confined and fed an increased percentage of grain in a feedlot, reached market weight and condition in half or three quarters the time it took "grass fed" animals. Talk about putting on unhealthy pounds!

With our production mentality, we naturally moved to more 'grain finished beef', without questioning or thinking about the health implications.

We reasoned that livestock can eat grain and seem to do well…so what's the problem?

Recent studies show that, animals eating higher amounts of grain, have a marked decrease in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). Plus, they have higher omega-6 fatty acid, and a decrease in omega-3 fatty acid.

Omega 3 ??


CLA and omega-3 fatty acid are "good fats", needed to carry fat into our heart and muscle cells for energy. Low CLA content means fat just becomes stored in a new cell, on our hips and bellies!

This is likely one reason that obesity rates in North America are on the rise.

But, if we increase the right fat in our diet, CLAs and omega-3 fatty acid, we might just lose weight!

Increasing the "good fats" in our diet increases our energy and therefore our metabolic rate. We are more active and are not as hungry and consequently lose weight!

From ground beef recipes to beef jerky, your best beef choice is grass finished beef.

More Health Benefits with Grass Fed Beef;

This early research on animals is showing that CLA can help reduce tumor growth in both prostate and breast cancers. This is good news!

Diabetes and heart disease may also be lessened with an increase in CLA. So put grassfed beef in all your recipes!

CLA is also implicated in strengthening our immune system! Grass fed beef is high in Beta-Carotene, an antioxident and immune system booster.

The list of health benefits of grassfinished beef is long. But it just tastes great too. For these reasons our Best Family Advice is Eat Grass finished beef!

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