American Bulldogs

We hear a lot of stories about "Bulldogs" in the news. We have seen them on T.V. and in movies, (Homeward Bound), and cartoons. But what are American Bulldogs really like?

I have heard them summed up as; True Grit, True Devotion, True Love. Does this sound like your type of breed? Keep reading! And Check out all the links for pictures!

American Bulldogs Temperment

An American Bulldog's Temperament:

They love children. That being said, all dogs should be supervised with small children. More to show the children how to behave around the dog! We have seen kids pull the fluffy, soft hair of our Bichon Frise! Children must learn to respect animals. That is some our best family advice.

Just because a Bulldog has a very high pain tolerance, and won't be bothered by aggressive children, they shouldn't take the chance with any dog. All dogs have the equipment to bite, so teach your children how to behave around all breeds of dogs.

American Bulldogs are happy, friendly, and assertive dogs that are very relaxed with their family, almost lazy!

They bond strongly with their master and family.

They need room to expend their energy and so do best in a home with a backyard. They are not always well behaved towards cats and smaller pets, but neither is our little Bichon. Proper socializing at an early age can better your chances of them accepting these animals.

American Bulldogs are good with other pets. See ours together at Our Family Watchdog Page.

American Bulldog Description

American Bulldogs are more of a stocky, strong-looking dog. The coat is short and medium shedding. The Johnson (Classic) Type is a larger dog with a shorter muzzle than the Scott type (Performance). Many modern American Bulldogs are a combination of the two types (Hybrid).

Generally, American Bulldogs weigh between 27 to 57 kg (60 to 125 lb) and are 52 to 70 cm (20 to 28 in) at the shoulders. There is a fair difference between males and females in size and weight, but they are both adorable!

American Bulldog Training

They should be socialized and obedience trained early to expose them to other dogs and people. This is not only for the American Bulldog but for all breeds of dog. See more of our Dog Behavior Training Tips.

They have strong guarding instincts and a somewhat dominant attitude, they need a firm, loving, and fair hand in training.

Puppies and older dogs can get bored very easy which leads to excessive barking or chewing. Supply them with toys that they can chew on and a good amount of exercise and quality time with you. And we definitely recommend a Dog Kennel.

They can be stubborn with training - though once they are trained they tend to obey you faithfully.

Today, they are used all over the world as "hog dogs" (catching escaped pigs or hunting razorbacks), as cattle drovers and as working K-9s. American Bulldogs also successfully compete in several dog sports such as schutzhund, french ring sport, street protection sport, Iron Dog(r) competition and weight pulling.

American Bulldogs as Watchdogs

Cotton is fine with strangers as she gets to know the stranger in question. Which makes her the perfect watchdog. All dogs will want to check out strangers to see if they are a threat to their "pack."

It is important with any breed dog, to shake the hand and speak to the visitor first. Do not let the the visitor pet the dog first. Show your dog that you are the "Pack Leader" and will check out people first. Your Bully will be more relaxed knowing someone is protecting everyone.

In our research of the breed it said that, "The American Bulldog would never start a fight, but they would finish it".

American Bulldogs and Exercise

American Bulldogs are working dogs and love exercise. . Although, they are considered an "Apartment Dog", which means they are pretty docile inside the house if there is no work to be done. You can try working on tracking or weight pulling with your dog. Due to having a busy family already, we haven't done this yet.

Also remember, not all dogs within the same breed have the same personalities. Their temperament differs from very early age. There are dogs that are more outgoing and friendly, and there are dogs that are more introverted and calm.

Usually a breeder who spends a good amount of time with their puppies can tell what personality traits the dog may have. However, a lot depends on the environment - so nobody can fully predict the temperament of the puppy.

Please, research before you decide to buy an American Bulldog. Talk to breeders and contact Animal Rescue sites of Bullys. They do not want dogs abandoned, so they will be very honest with you. Rescue Sites are not 'puppy mills' and they are not pushing for a sale. Email or call them before buying any breed dog.

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