Our American Bulldog

- Cotton -

Check Out This Photo of Our American Bulldog!

My daughter was feeding her treats through the bars of her kennel, because she was too lazy to get out of bed.

Get your camera out, and catch your own hilarious photos of your family pet. Family pets bring so much joy to a family.

American Bulldog

I can't stop looking at this photo of our best family pet, Cotton, the American Bulldog. It is so freaky!

It is very typical of Cotton, and her breed to be 'Apartment' dogs. She is considered a Working Breed. Which means if there is no work to be done, she is doing next to nothing.

It is one of the reasons we chose the American Bully when we were researching the best family dog.

I didn't think she would be as laid back as she is, indoors, but I love it! And you can be sure, if we get out her short leash for a bike ride, that she is ready to run hard.

Be sure to research any dog breed you are considering. And don't forget to check your local animal shelter too.

Dogs are a great excuse to spend time with your family. They are great for getting family fitness, and play time together. You and your kids can tell them your secrets, vent, cry even and they will never tell. Dogs are always happy to see you, even if you are being the grumpiest bear on earth.

So go get a dog, or head to the humane society for the afternoon! It's summer, get out for family health and family fun together.

It's our Best Family Advice!

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