Looking For The Best Advice?

You want success with whatever you are struggling with, don't you?

We all do.

You need advice. You are searching and searching for help and answers. This may be the first time you have decided to look for some help in an area, or maybe you have been searching for years. But you want satisfaction and success and happiness in one or more areas in your life, don't you?

Maybe it's your kids, or teens? Or you need help with another significant relationship in your life. None of us is perfect, so there is usually something we need tips and ideas for. Hey, I need tips for myself, never mind "harmony" with someone else!

Here is Simple Family Advice. Check out our Teenager Tips and Daughter Advice.

Maybe it's your job and money situation. Click to our Family Budget Help.

Maybe it's your Marriage and/or your Weight. Try our Couples Ideas and Weight Loss Tips.

What is Success?

First, if you are searching for it, how do you know What It Looks Like? How do you define success?

Is it perfect teenagers or toddlers who never whine?

Is it a size 2 dress, for yourself or your wife?

Is it lots of money, with no debt?

Is it a bigger house, and perfect husband who says all the right things?

Do these things seem superficial,... but they are what you Really want?

My true definition of success in my own life is summed up in one word;


I try to guard myself from the "Too Much" and "Not Enough" in my life.

Too much food,... Not enough sleep,... Too much nagging,...Not enough money, etc, etc, etc.

When I get hooked on one or more of these I have to stop myself. I am out of balance and it is going to hurt someone, and me. Especially the too much food!

Advice for Balance in your Life

Where are you at?

Where do you need to apply this advice?

Is it Not Enough time with the kids? Not enough time with your spouse?

Is it worrying Too Much about money, or Not Enough about money?

Too Much food? Not Enough sleep?

You can do this. You may already know it deep down.

Does Success happen immediately? Yes, if it means putting down the chips right now, or turning off the computer and going to play with your kids.

You are worth it. So is your family.

Go for it! Read about What Time with your Family Takes.

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