Advice Parenting Teenagers

Do you need more effective tools and advice parenting teenagers?

Who doesn't? They can be tough to figure out. So what is our best family advice for parenting your teenagers?

A cell phone.

Yup. A cell phone.

"Why?" you ask? When all they do is clue you out while talking to their friends and racking up expensive minutes?

Teenagers Need You....

A cell phone means your teenager can call, and more importantly text you anytime. They need you. They may not act like they do, but they need you more now than ever.

When you open your communication abilities with your teen, they will use the most current technology to talk with you.

This is especially crucial in peer pressure situations. How?


Your child, (Opps...don't ever call them a child; even though they will always be your little one.)

Your young adult is out with their friends, ones you trust or don't trust, and they think they are sooo grown up and can handle anything. Well, sure enough something comes along that they can't handle; bullies, drugs, alcohol, etc, etc...

Now what do they do??? They are thinking, "I don't want my friends to think I'm a loser, especially when I think I am sometimes, and I don't want to get anymore embarrassed than I already am about my acne/weight/hair/etc...what do I do???"

You are Super Parent because you have already bought your teenager a cool cell phone and have clearly instructed them Six Million Thousand Times, (as far as they have counted anyways) that if they are ever in a situation that they needed/wanted to get out of, that they could privately text you. Since cell phones are incredibly small and hard for others to easily read this is easy for your teenager.

" me in one minute and MAKE me come home or come and pick me up!"

You are the most amazing Parent now! Go get them, and take them for a pop, for a drive, or home.

As your teen grows up and heads out on their own, this might be the best advice parenting teenagers because they will want some independence as they hang out with friends, but they are not quite old enough to get themselves out of every situation.

Be there for your kids! It's Excellent Advice Parenting Teenagers.

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