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Advice For Women; Respect

Happiness can be found in the family values of Women and Respect.

But why is Respect such a "hard" word for us?

Well...Have I been burned by life? Yes. I've been hurt.

Has someone lost your respect and now nobody deserves it? Let go of bitterness and find the joy in others again.

I know this is tough. I may not know every detail, but I know you've been hurt. If you're anything like me, I find it much easier to openly criticize and/or mumble under my breath about everything and everyone in my life. But I know it's stopping me from having true joy in my life.


I know deep down, this is not Respectful. I wouldn't openly disrespect my Boss, or someone I really looked up to, so why would I think that criticizing my husband and children is going to help them or me, in our relationship. Even if I only disrespect them under my breath or with my friends.

I'll even admit, that I have tried to call my grumbling and critiques "innocent venting". All that did was deplete my energy, and make me more critical! Plus, it hurt the ones I love the most. Not to mention the disrespect my friends felt for me, when I didn't stick up for and protect my family....Ouch.

ONE TIP: Let's turn off the T.V. programs that are full of typically 'Hot Moms' with 'Fat Husbands' and 'Smarter-than-Both-Parents' Kids. This so-called humor is breeding an unhappy disrespect in our hearts and families.

We must practice respect for all people, in our words and actions, so that our children will too. You and I are so important and vital in our family relationships.

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