Advice For Teenage Boys

Want the Top Advice For Teenage Boys? Here's our Best Parenting Teenager Tips for this fun and exciting group of youth.

Advice About "It"...

Our best advice for teenage boys when it comes to the opposite sex and 'the first time' is...

Wait. Wait until you're married. Why? Why not 'make sure it's a good fit physically before you get married?' or 'Why not make sure you're "good at IT", before you tie the knot?'


Because your 'first time' will leave a 'tattoo' so deep on your psyche, your memories and your body, that you can never remove it. That is why there are so many songs written about "the first time", because it impacts a guy so greatly. Make sure that your first time is with the girl you will spend the rest of your life with, either wise it will haunt you the rest of your life.

Dating Advice...

When it comes to dating, never, never, never date a girl who asks you out. You're the man. You do the asking. For the rest of your life you will need to do some tough things...and be a better person for it. Start by choosing who you want to take on a date. Sorry ladies, but girls need to show a little more self-control and self-esteem these days.

First kiss advice...Wait.

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More Advice For Teenage Boys...

Think about who you admire the most in life. It can be a real or not-real person, character...whoever.

Why is that person someone you look up to? What do they do, or what do they stand for, that you admire them? You can write it all down.

Now, it is very likely that that is who you are, and who you are becoming. Stay strong. Become that person.

Drinking, certain groups of friends, and activities can get old and so will you. So to be a real man, stick with integrity, hard work, true love.

People say, 'Don't be in such a rush to grow up.' Well, you'll grow up sooner or later, just make sure who you are growing into. Stay true to yourself. Make some mistakes, just apologize for them. That is a real man.


Teenagers get a bad reputation sometimes. Let's stick by them and enjoy these last few years with them before they are gone. It's good parenting advice!

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