A plain silly joke

by John
(WA Perth)

A British man, an American man, and a french man all dared each other to throw their watches off a cliff, and see if any of them could catch them before the watch hit the ground.

The British man went first; he threw his watch down and ran the other way to catch it, but it already dropped by the time he got there.

The American man decided he should go next, so he threw the watch down and ran down to get it, but he was too late also.

Finally the french man had a go - he threw his watch down and ran the other way, but guessed what happened? ........

He had a cup of tea, went shopping and got his watch just in time. The British man and the American man were soooo surprised, they asked him how he did that? "It's easy," he said, "my watch is two hours slow"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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