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Just plain jokes

Joke: What kind of nut goes to the bathroom? Answer: A peanut!

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Food Joke For Kids

Joke: Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? Answer: Because he ran out of juice.

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Silly Joke

Joke: What do you call a computer that sings? Answer: A-dell

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Silly, but fun joke

Joke: Why didn't 6 like 7? Answer: Because 7 8 9!

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Grammar Joke

Joke: What is the proper way of saying this: Egg yolks IS white ... or... Egg yolks ARE white? Answer: They're yellow!

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Plain silly joke

Q: What is the difference between a boger and a broccoli? A:Kids eat boger!!!!!

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Silly joke

Joke: What does a baby ghost say when it gets hurt? Answer: It says, I have a boo boo.

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Plain silly joke for kids!

Joke: Why did the red light tell the green light not to look? Answer: Because it was changing!

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Silly joke

Why couldn't the toilet paper cross the road

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Baseball Joke

Joke: Why did it take so long to get from second to third? Answer: There was a short stop!

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Riddle For Kids

Riddle: If you have six kids and have five potatoes.. how do you feed all the kids equally? (No fractions!) Answer: You make mashed potatoes!

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Great Riddle For Kids

Riddle: What object do you start at red and stop at green? Answer: A watermelon.

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Knock knock joke

You: Knock knock Someone: Who’s there? You: Me. Someone: Me who? You: I thought you knew me!

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Just a Plain Tongue Twister

Sally sold seashells at the shore of the sea, Sally sold seashells at the shore of the sea, Sally sold seashells at the shore of the sea.

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Silly Joke

Joke: What kind of peppers are super annoying? Answer: The ones that are jalapeño business!

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Different Fun Riddle For Kids

Riddle: There was a family and they were buying a car and they had to agree on one car, one likes brown cars, one likes blue cars, one likes white cars,

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Silly Joke For Kids

Joke: Imagine that you are going to be eaten alive by sharks. What do you do? Answer: Stop imagining!

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Silly Joke

Joke: What is black and white and read all over? Answer: A newspaper.

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Food joke

Joke: What does a nosy pepper do? Answer: It gets jalapeño business!

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Knock Knock Joke

Knock knock. Who's there? Broken pencil. Broken pencil who? Never mind, it's pointless.

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Silly joke for kids

Joke: What did the banana say when he got sun burnt? Answer: I'm peeling!

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Plain silly joke for kids

Joke: What does someone with a runny nose wear on their feet? Answer: Tis-shoes.

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Silly joke

Joke: Where did the old computer go to dance? Answer: To the 'disk-o'

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